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Porta Alpina Bled

Porta Alpina Gallery is a specialised gallery for Slovenian fine artist created between the 19th and 20th century. The gallery has one of the most extensive private collections, which consists of the pieces of the most prominent and high-quality Slovenian artists who worked in various artistic periods of that time. Collectors and art lovers alike are invited to explore their work. The collections of individual artists are also available to buyers in their entirety or in certain volumes. Many of the pieces are presented in the Porta Alpina gallery in Bled, and on various exhibitions and events.

Porta Alpina Art Collection

Explore artwork created by prominent and recognised Slovenian artists from the 19th and 20th century, showcasing their enduring creativity and impact on the art world. There are over 1400 pieces available to art lovers in the entire collection. We are happy to present you the chosen works in our Gallery in Bled and introduce you to the quality, the variety and the diversity of the artists in our collection. All paintings are restored and equipped with certificates of authenticity.

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