Buy through us
Discover the advantage of buying artworks in our gallery. We guide you step-by step through the purchase, advise you and present the oeuvre of the chosen artist. The individual approach is focused on building relationships with collectors and art lovers, in a pleasant environment where creativity and love of art are at the forefront.

All our artwork is restored and equipped with certificates of authenticity.

Sell via us
Are you thinking to sell your art collection of renowned Slovenian art that was created in 19th or 20th Century? Contact us and let us present possibilities and our selling approach.

Collection loans for exhibitions
Artworks from our collection or the oeuvre of the chosen artist can be lent for exhibitions in Slovenia or wider. As a gallery we follow our mission of promoting the reach cultural heritage of Slovenian artists from 19th and 20th Century.

Our Gallery as a Venue
The floor plan of Gallery Porta Alpina provides appropriate space for art exhibitions, we are conducting twice per year a curated exhibition of artworks from our collection.

Our gallery can serve also as a venue for cultural events or privately held events.
Contact us for more information and availability.